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One last note... please don’t bring fresh carrots as the donkeys are on special diets and the carrots rot before they all get eaten which is such a waste, but thank you so much for the thought!

What We Do

Our greatest concern is the well-being of our donkeys. At Corfu Donkey Rescue we do everything possible to give the donkeys a peacefu life and a retirement in dignity. Therefore we bought a piece of land that is beautifully located in the nature, surrounded by olive trees and the mountains of Corfu.
Adopt a donkey
Adopt a donkey
We are very happy and grateful for every donkey that found its way to our sanctuary. 
Make Donation
Make Donation
Any donation, no matter how small, makes a huge difference to the donkeys at Corfu.
Become A Volunteer
Become A Volunteer
The work with the animals is very fulfilling but also demanding, especially during the hot season.
Photo of Daggi Judy and Iraklis(Hercules)

It all started
with a Hope

HOPE was our first rescue in January 2004, Dusty the second. Since then over 500 donkeys have been taken into our refuge here in Corfu. The shelter was founded by Judy Quinn, an Englishwoman who had moved to the Island of Corfu. Seeing the plight of the abandoned and unwanted donkeys, she was moved to help.

As a refuge we aim to give:
  • the old a safe and happy retirement;
  • the sick a chance of cure;
  • the injured the chance of recovery;
  • the abused the chance of regaining trust and hope
  • and the abandoned the feeling of security again.
Taking care of the unwanted and abandoned donkeys on the island is also effectively stopping the transport of Corfu donkeys for slaughter in Italy.

Friends of Corfu Donkey Rescue

A charity that is working very closely with Corfu Donkey Rescue (CDR) is Friends of Corfu Donkey Rescue (FCDR). FCDR is a fully registered charity under the control of The Charity Commission, registration number is 1136204. It is primary function is to support the activities of CDR. A key advantage for UK donors is the opportunity to contribute using Giftaid and other tax advantages which are not available if donating directly to a Greek registered charity.
Judy has personally known the Board of Trustees for many years and is more than happy to express her complete trust in this charity.
Photo of Judy

Judy Quinn
R.I.P. June 25, 2024

It is with great sadness and heavy hearts that we announce the news that CDR founder, Judy Quinn, passed away peacefully on Tuesday evening.

Since 2004, when Judy found her first abandoned donkey (Hope) in Corfu, she has worked tirelessly on the island for animal welfare. Setting up Corfu Donkey Rescue, Judy has enabled hundreds of donkeys to live out their lives in the safe, calm and beautiful shelter in Doukades.


Judy's legacy and everything she built and achieved will continue in her name.

Our thoughts are with her family and friends at this time.


Safe journey Judy, kalo taxidi 💔💔


Corfu Donkey Rescue
Corfu, Greece
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