Corfu Donkey Rescue




Here are more donkeys that have been brought to CDR and the problems they arrived with. Most are successfully treated but sometimes there is no solution other than to humanely put them to sleep but at least their suffering is ended with a friend to see them through.

This donkey, Plato, was seen on the side of the road outside Doukades by a UK resident. They reported the donkey to CDR who found the owner and got the donkeys' wound treated and feet trimmed.
Gili had been wandering abandoned in fields near Strongili for 10 months until reported to CDR. She had severe injuries to her hind legs and a seriously deformed back foot. Gili is one of the lucky ones, she did recover and is now enjoying retirement at CDR.
This is an untreated wound which became infested with maggots.

This donkey is suffering with an untreated ear infection.


This is the result of an untreated hoof injury. Like the two cases above, this type of infection can generally be treated successfully, but with a little care and minor treatment initially the suffering could be prevented.